Upload Your 2017 Golden Phonograph Competition Submissions

You can upload text messages, create emojis, upload pictures, videos, sounds, music (with certain parameters and respect to copyrights and standard usage licenses). Competitors under 13 must have parental consent, and parent must submit an email address.*

Students can also share their media on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). Make sure to use the following hashtags to join the competition: #Voyager40th, #VoyagerGoingInterstellar, #40YearsofVoyager

The competition is open to K -12 students and will begin on August 20th and will run through the end of the year.

Submissions will be screened and judged by an international panel of educators, astrophysicists, scientists, artists, and engineers. If your submission makes the cut and becomes one of the 115 sounds/images, messages, videos, etc that is chosen for inclusion on the 2017 version of Carl Sagan’s Golden Phonographs, it will then fly aboard a future space mission. The exact mission that will carry the 2017 messages to future times and beings will be announced in 2018 when the winning submissions are announced.

*According to COPPA regulations, we are not collecting personal data, and require that children under 13 years of age receive parental consent, in addition to parents or guardians submitting their email address.